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  Mountaineering and Hiking  
Within the National Park, there are over 150 km of hiking trails. Certainly the most frequented trail is the one leading from the reception area through the Velika Paklenica Canyon to the Paklenica Mountain Hut (about a 2 hour walk).

From this point, head towards Buljma (3 hours), Vaganski Vrh and Sveto Brdo. Trails also head towards the source of Velika Paklenica, Ivine Vodice (about 3 hours). Visitors often choose to take the trail from the Velika Paklenica Canyon, through Jurline and Njive to Mala Paklenica. The entire round trip is about 5-6 hours. There are numerous other possibilities: from the Forest Hut Lugarnica to Mala Močila and Crni Vrh (about 2 hours), from Crni Vrh to Velika Močila, etc.
The short trails through the park are also interesting, such as the one from the Mountain House to Stražbenica, and then on to Veliko Rujno or Golić. Increasingly, hikers are choosing to hike from Anića luka to the Manita Peć cave towards Vidakov kuk, and then right to Njiva or left to Tomiće or opting to take the road to Dokoza and Mali and Veliki Vaganac. From Milovac, one can head towards Bojinac, a unique formation of South Velebit.
For hiking and trekking throughout the Paklenica National Park, we recommend the excursion map of the Paklenica National Park (published by the park administration) and the Hiking Trails map of the Paklenica National Park (published by SMAND Varaždin).

We would kindly ask that while hiking, please do not leave anything behind in the park, especially garbage!
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